Week in Bay Area

The past week went by very fast.

Monday through Friday, I spent all day training my replacement and it was enjoyable being the authority on various topics and being able to teach and give input on how best to do things.  The young woman who is the new in-house lawyer admitted to being a perfectionist and this explained why she was somewhat dissatisfied when I explained that many questions she had didn't have a clear answer.  She then asked, "but how will I know I'm doing a good job unless I know which way is correct?..."  Of course, a lot of things simply come down to using your best judgment and experience.  But I believe perfectionists make great lawyers and I think she will go on to have a great career because she demands excellence in her work product, just as a doctor or accountant--or any "professional/expert"--should.  One of the good points I pulled out of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" book is that most good professionals are the type of people that business owners want to hire!

I had a fabulous time meeting up with a number of great friends for lunch and dinner and I enjoyed some things that aren't in Hungary:  boba tea with pearls and starbucks and peets coffee (Budapest has excellent coffee houses, but I haven't seen them do a caramel macchiato Starbucks-style yet.)  I also had to laugh when I went to pick up my rental car the company provided through Hertz and it turned out to be a Hot Orange convertible mustang!...  I had my dad take some pictures of it before I dropped it off on Saturday up here near El Dorado Hills where my parents live.  I had fun cruising in it--top down of course--with my younger brother Matthew on Saturday and I could tell we got all kinds of envious looks as we drove around...

I'll be heading back on Tuesday from SFO and arriving Wed morning in Budapest (via Paris--too bad I won't see anything but their smoky airport while I'm there!...)   We also recently closed on our new condo and Agi picked up the keys just last week.  We'll start moving in within a couple weeks and it will be fun to pick out some furniture.  We want to keep things minimalistic and spacious and we have a big Ikea store nearby to browse in-depth.


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