Nasty (ongoing) Travel Experience

Apparently this weekend was a Very bad time to fly into New York's JFK airport.  A "perfect storm" of two bad events hit simultaneously right when I flew in from Budapest on Friday afternoon:  some kind of major computer outage in Georgia which delayed many planes and then some thick fog came in to NY (in June?... Wait, this isn't SanFranciso...)

So my 7pm flight was first delayed twice last night.  Then we were all loaded up in the plane and sat there for two hours (9-11pm) and then came back again because of the bad visibility (a good safety-conscious decision which I applaud).  However, then massive chaos ensued with three hours of standing in line again to get a flight out the next day;  grown men were yelling and one guy completely lost it and called five different workers the f-word and then threw a bunch of address labels up into the air for effect.  The cops were called but I think he bailed before they could bust him.  The best flight I could get is today (Sat afternoon at 4pm).

And--because all hotels were immediately booked since 10+ flights were cancelled--most everyone tried sleeping on the cold, hard tile floor and the loud music they blast and the bright lights were merciless.  I have a substantial amount of respect for doctors who pull these 36 hour shifts on a too-regular basis.

Anyway, looking forward to being home and having my sister Laurel pick me up from the airport!  (And am looking forward to seeing her sporty new Matrix car--her last was truly driven into the ground and she felt lucky to have gotten over $1K for it).  Well done Yardu!

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