One of the nice things about traveling is returning back to the U.S. and seeing more clearly its strengths and weaknesses.  On my last full day here, I did some shopping for clothes and was amazed at the awesome deals I got:  I picked up several nice short-sleeved shirts for $9 each at Old Navy and some shorts for $15 each (they were all on sale).  These prices are incredible and are simply not found in Europe.  Agi and I will not be doing any shopping for clothes if we can avoid it in Hungary (and if you see the repeat of the same clothes in our pictures you'll know why). 

Books are also very expensive in Europe and so I picked up several I wanted to get at Borders.  Since we recently went to Rome, I was interested in a book about the Roman Republic called the Rubicon.  A young guy who was an employee in the store came up to me and was trying to be helpful and asked what book I was looking for.  I told him "The Rubicon" and he said he'd take me over to the automotive and car section.  I was confused by this and eventually we both figured out that he wanted to help me find books on the Jeep Rubicon.  I suspect Julius Caesar would be honored.

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