Flight back

I'm back in Hungary and had two interesting and kind of funny moments regarding the flight over.  As I was waiting to go through the metal detector security check, one of the airport workers nearby held up a plastic box and yelled out:  "Whose laptop is this!?"  No one answered and he then repeated the question twice more, each time with a growing sense of urgency and yelling louder as well.  Since I'd watched several episodes of "24" in the past few weeks, I was certain that after his third question, the "laptop bomb" was going to blow. It was nice to get out of there and we all made it...

On the Air France plane, the American behind me was asked by a male flight attendant (in a fairly thick but beautiful French accent):  "Would you like chicken or fish?"  Try to say "chicken" in the most French way possible in your mind.  The American guy--who I'm convinced was actually trying to be nice--responded back saying "I would like the chicken" (and said chicken the same way the French guy did).  There was a pause by the French guy and then he said, "In France, we say "poulet--poulet.  Try that..poulet" and he gave the Americano a little French lesson.

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