Snails & Oil

Last week a good friend of Agi's named Andi hosted us for dinner at her flat.  She likes making exotic dishes and served us up some snails--the first time either of us have had any.  Since they were dunked in a butter-garlic mix they looked very harmless and actually tasted very much like clam in clam chowder--just bigger.

Andi's boyfriend is an engineer who's involved in supplying electricity to Budapest and so he's well-informed about all kinds of energy-related issues.  His fascinating insight on where the world will get its power in the future: 

- most oil will run out in 50 years or less;
- wind, solar and water won't produce enough energy to make big impact;
- the real--and only--solution is nuclear power...

Kind of chilling, really.  I think Americans are finally beginning to understand what Europeans have been working on for a while: we need to use and produce our energy much more efficiently and not be so wasteful.

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