The latest

We've visited a number of Agi's family and friends and we had a good time playing some beach volleyball last week with another couple.  I'm leaving pretty soon, in fact, to play some tennis with Agi's brother Miki right nearby at "Sportmax." I recently finished a good book written by one of Hungary's most accomplished modern authors--"The Door" by Magda Szabo.  It was a very moving portrayal of the author's relationship with an older woman who has had a very difficult life, but despite all that has a huge positive impact on everyone around her.  My new book is "Rob Roy" by Sir Walter Scott.  I'm 30 pages into it and love it already--I think Sir Walter is my favorite author of all time.

We've been enjoying the Olympics and I was pumped up to see how the US men's swimming relay team beat France out just yesterday with an amazing comeback.  It's great that the frogs talked trash initially and that makes the victory all the sweeter.

We've also seen a number of movies over the last several weeks, most of them good:  Patton (about the General was fantastic);  Wall E (I really liked it and the Eva character reminded me of my high powered wife quite a bit); Wanted (too gory and flippant about violence, but had a cool & funky feel to it); Roma by Fellini (see it after you've visited Rome--a great, memorable tour of the city & its people);  Himalayas travel video with Michael Pallin--very interesting.

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