Moving Tomorrow & Russian Products

Tomorrow we're moving into our new condo/flat and are pretty excited.  Agi's mom hooked us up with some nice furniture so we're starting out from a position of strength.  Agi and I have agreed that she should take control of the interior decorating and she's pursuing kind of a minimalist, open look--I'm all in favor of it!  We still have to figure out a lot but we've picked out a cozy black leather couch from Ikea that will be a key part of our place.  We're going to have it delivered.  Even if we had a car here it'd be nothing like the monsters in the U.S.   One of Agi's family cars growing up was a jetta.

I also wanted to mention that Agi rented a very funny dvd of a Hungarian comedian/ex-journalist (kind of like a Stephen Colbert or David Letterman).  One of his recurring themes or sketches is to bring on old, communist-era products that are unbelievably bad quality and usually from Russia.  The first I wanted to mention:  a clothes-spinner (which was separate from the washer) that was so powerful--but still somehow ineffectual--that it would literally dance all over your bathroom.  This comedian brought out three of them and had them "race" across the stage.  It was very funny and they did make their way all the way across.  The second funny--and rather nasty Russian product--was a coffee grinder and vacuum combo!  That's right, you can grind up your coffee and then attach a metal arm and vacuum your floor with it (it's unclear whether they have separate chambers for the coffee and debris...).    As an international political science major, it feels good to bash the Russians a little--especially these days with relations chilling up with them.

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