Memorable Weather

I've experienced some very cool lightning storms over here in Budapest throughout June.  These didn't happen all that often in California.  When we were in Calif and I'd mention to Agi that "Oohh-this looks like a storm", she'd just chuckle and say, "that's no storm."   So now I know what a real storm is:

Two days after I flew back from the U.S. (June 23 or so) it was a pretty hot day and we went swimming at the pool near our new condo.  Around 7.30pm, the sky starting getting extremely dark and a furious wind--nay "gale"--kicked in and starting tossing lounge chairs through the air along with all kinds of other projectiles.  Everyone started getting out of the pool (which was getting ready to produce a tsunami anyway) and making for the locker room as we saw the lighting and rain coming our way.

Since we don't have a car, we waited about half an hour and--remarkably (for me at least)--the storm blew through and it was pretty calm with just very slight rain.  So we made our way to the tram, got on, traveled about 50 yards and found out a huge tree had been blown down and was covering the tracks.  The conductor got three of the men to help and we all did a good job of pulling the tree off and out of the way.  (A tow truck got involved later, but we were all convinced we had done most of the work ourselves...).

Another thing that I thought was cool and "euro" about this storm was that it blew in from Vienna via the Danube.  Overall I like exciting weather.

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