New Place & Working Remotely

We've moved into our new place and are close to being settled.  We're only "close" at this point because our kitchen hasn't been put in yet nor our blinds.   We saved some money by being willing to close on the place before everything was fully finished.  Not having a kitchen is something of a hassle but we're borrowing a mini-fridge from a friend and we can cook with a little hot plate and water boiler, so it hasn't been a big problem.

More importantly, the internet and our router has been working well and we've continued to be able to work remotely.  Speaking of working remotely, we met a Canadian guy named Tomas--of Hungarian ancestry--who has successfully been living on two different continents on a regular basis.  (Which is what we want to do too of course).  He and a partner run a construction subcontracting firm based in New York, but Tomas travels regularly in Europe.  He bought a flat several years ago in Budapest, and spends approximately 4 months out of the year here (and traveling around) and continues to do his subcontracting job without real problems.  He answered his cell phone twice when we were with him and the calls from people calling him at his New York number, which is forwarded overseas to him.  Pretty amazing all in all.  I also just bought recently a "skype-in" number that is based in Portland, OR that Agi and I will mainly use for people calling for our business.  I tested it out and it forward to our cellphone as well.

Here's a link to our new condo complex and the gym/sports complex which is a four minute walk away: the condo and the Sportmax complex

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