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Wanted to add for the record:

- We watched the Untouchables about Al Capone last week with our good friend Gabi and really liked it (Costner, Connery & de Niro were all excellent).  And in honor of our recent trip to Salzburg with my sister Laurel, we watched the Sound of Music and it was fantastic.  I had seen it before but it was truly a remarkable experience seeing it with new eyes as we had walked through most of the spots in the movie.  The scenery in the Sound of Music is beautiful but reality was about 50 times better.  Agi also was entertained as I sang along to most of the songs--my parents played the soundtrack a lot and I still know all the lyrics.

- A materialistic dream of mine is to own either the redesigned Audi A4 (2009 version looks awesome) or the new Q5 cross-over.  We owned a 1998 A4 for a year before we moved to Hungary and our daily transportation was simply on a different, higher level.  I especially love Audi's AWD quattro system and have fond memories of driving through the snow in Tahoe--without chains--as we passed both an Explorer and a Subaru that had run off the road and into a ditch.  Could have been a commercial.

- To go with the Q5, I'm hoping some day to be the proud owner of what I believe is the most beautiful dog in the world: the Hungarian Vizsla.  A copper-colored and smaller relative of the German Weimaraner, vizslas are very energetic, short-haired and loyal.  One of my favorite tshirts is one Agi got me that has a big picture of a vizsla on it.

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