It turns out that the bus trip to Romania we were planning to take this weekend with Agi's mom and a busload of other tourists was pure fiction.  Agi's mom got a flyer in the mail describing a very nice 4-day trip to Transylvania sponsored by a Hungarian church group.  We met with the "organizer" named Peter a number of weeks ago and he explained the compelling details of the trip in great detail for half an hour, took our cash (about $200 each) and then text-messaged us two days ago to cancel the trip for "health reasons" and disappeared.

Agi and I both got riled up but we're mostly calm now and kind of chuckling at this guy's audacity.  Although I still very much want to find this guy, get our money back and get the police to charge him with a crime.  I want to balance the pursuit of justice though with wasting time and additional money.  We're going to go into the police station next week and file a report.  I also brainstormed a bit and thought of contacting the US Embassy to put pressure on the Hungarian authorities to find and prosecute this guy to make sure "foreigners are not victims of crime" and tourist visits are impacted as a result...

But really it's probably best just to move on--although we will file a police report.  We're not, however, letting our vacation days go to waste and so we've planned a last minute trip for a 3-day weekend to Munich (in beautiful Southern Germany).  We've never been there before and have heard great things about this very historical city.  We'll be taking the train.  There's also the very sobering Dachau concentration camp nearby which we may visit as well--it's about an hour outside the city.

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