More Fun with Friends

Agi and I are lucky because we've had more Americano friends visit in the six months we've been here than we could have hoped for.   Two couples viewed it a bit like their last chance for some "adventure travel" because we had two moms-to-be who were six months pregnant when they arrived!  Kim and Brook are one such adventurous pregnant couple.

Last week they showed up and we had some Fun with a capital F.  (I've known Kim since high school when we were part of the same student government organization and we've kept in touch ever since.)  Last Saturday, we took them up to a city north of Budapest called Visegrad that I had never been to.  It's along a beautiful section of the Danube and we checked out a medieval castle on the top of the hill.  It's perhaps not the best idea for a woman 6 months pregnant to hike up there but Kim was a good sport and ran circles around us on the way up.

We hit some funky Budapest restaurants during the week and they enjoyed my repeated references to how I was just like Jason Bourne as we zoomed down small, crowded one-way streets in our little Euro-car...  We also took them to a Statue Park that featured lots of the old commie statues from before the fall of the Evil Empire in '89.  This park preserves them so they're not defaced and it's a good tourist stop.  (Pictures below).

Now that we've been feeling settled into our condo we've been able to turn hospitality and hosting up a notch.  Agi made smoothies for breakfast and you can't beat having fresh Hungarian bread each morning from the little store just around the corner.

Brook and Kim gave me a very cool book I'm looking forward to reading:  "Devil's Teeth," about the largest congregation of great white sharks in the world--just off the coast of San Francisco.  These two are also taking travel to the next level because this weekend (just after arriving back in SF) they're heading up to Lake Tahoe for a friend's wedding.

Thanks for coming guys and we'll see you this Fall at your new place in SF!!


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