Last Day in the Cubicle--Last Week in San Jose

Last Friday was my last day at work and I took a picture of my cubicle to help me remember where I sat for about six and a half years.  My coworkers and boss were great throughout the past week and I will definitely miss (most of) them!...

On Sat, March 24th, Christian and Alice Z hosted a great "going away" shindig for me and Ivy.  We were really touched by how many people stopped by--especially every single one of my old UCLA roommates, three of which had to drive or FLY a LONG ways to make it.  Greatly appreciated!  My UCLA friends took Ivy and I out to a great Italian dinner at "Beppo de Burnikos" (or something like that).  We sat in the cool "Pope-Themed" room in the back around a big round table with a full bust of Benedict right in the middle.  He'd rotate around as you moved the food with the "lazy susan" contraption.  (It was great as well that UCLA won the tournament basketball game that night--which we watched over at Christian & Alice's).

This past week I've been working as a contractor for my (ex) company and have been loving it.  I work about 3-4 hours a day and have been able to arrange my schedule to best fit in packing, workouts and tennis with Ivy and visiting friends.  I'd love to do this long-term and it would be a perfect complement to our internet business activities.

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