Budapest Approaches

The last few weeks have been going by very fast.  We've been keeping busy over the weekends and Ivy and I have been selling off most of our stuff.

A week and a half ago we sold our car and have now have a rental (pretty good rates for compact ones-- $15/day).  We've sold off most of our furniture and--one of our most prized possessions--our projector and screen.  However, we have my laptop still of course and watching movies on this is great too.

Last weekend, we went up to San Francisco and walked all over with Ivy's friend Zsofi who is getting an LLM in law in L.A.   Hooked up with Jesse S and another Davis friend at a great bakery and we took the tasty pastries over to eat in a SF park.  We soaked in SF like tourists--it was beautiful and memorable (especially the Legion of Honor museum and Golden Gate Park).

We spent an excellent three-day weekend with my sister Melissa and her husband Mark and their two kids this past weekend in our favorite U.S. city: Portland Oregon.  We could see ourselves living there in a number of years.  Hey, if I work hard on our business maybe we could afford a condo in Budapest and Portland--that'd be nice.  Saw good movie that won academy award for best foreign film--and is about communism in East Germany:  "The Lives of Others."

This is my last week of work and I'm all done on Friday...

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