Santana Row Pleasures

This past Sunday, Ivy enjoyed an 80-minute massage, courtesy of a gift certificate from her co-workers for a spa at Santana Row (a faux-Euro street in San Jose, CA which we both like a lot).  She loved the pampering but felt guilty at the same time for having someone work so hard on her.  She and I both also feel kind of guilty when we've had people wash our car at the local hand-car-wash (who are all typically from Mexico and didn't have the chance to get an education).  We've often said having them labor away actually feels like "slavery" of a sort.

The luxury at Santana Row continued, however, when a great co-worker of Ivy's took us to a fabulous dim-sum lunch at "Sino" on Santana Row on Tuesday.  What a fabulous atmosphere, superb service and incredible food.  It is easy to see why people would aspire to be rich to enjoy such meals on a regular basis.  We treated our friend to a pearl "boba" drink at Fantasia for dessert and discussed her upcoming trip to either Cuba or the Caribbean (she's still deciding).  This unnamed friend, by the way, is the first person we've met who also has a projector/home theater set-up in her house.  Though hers was much more elaborate with a wall-mounted screen and projector and surround-sound.  I am looking forward to buying a projector again in Budapest and getting a surround-sound system.  It truly is one of our most enjoyable pleasures (and no popcorn-chomping and whispering behind me in the theater, which unfortunately drives me crazy).

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