Annual Music Festival & World Record Participants

I've fallen behind on my posts but wanted to share about the annual Budapest Music Festival held out on an island in the middle of the Danube every August.  It's mainly for "younger" people and so Agi and I were probably pushing the threshold a bit (but we don't look it of course... haha).  We went with Agi's brother Miki and his wife Aniko. The festival lasts a week and a lot of students camp there the whole time and apparently French people made up the biggest group of campers (about 60%).  We only went there for an afternoon and an evening but had lots of fun.

Sinead O'Connor and "Faithless" (British techno-group) performed the night we were there.  We like Sinead's music and have her greatest hits album.  I'll post in some pictures and a couple videos too to give you a flavor of this wild Euro rock and roll/techno event.  Also, during the day there were some fun activities like bungee jumping (which I did in college but I'm done), sumo-wrestling with plastic suits and a Hungarian candy-bar obstacle contest.  (You'll see what I mean in the picture).

And yes!  Agi and I are now part of Guiness World Record history!  Right after the Sinead O'Connor concert at 9pm, they had all the couple who were there gather at the front of the stage to break the Kissing World Record (for most number of people kissing together at the same in th e same place).  There were 20,000 couples (which makes 40,000 people total...) and everyone had to kiss their "partner " (I don't like that word because it makes me think of a racquetball or business partner) for 10 seconds--(not our personal record by the way).  It was kind of goofy overall but that's part of the point I think.  So Agi and I are officially world record holders!  Here are some pictures and a couple videos.


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