Miki's Wedding and Big Hungarian National Holiday

Just over a week ago, Agi's brother Miki got married to Lovely Aniko.  The wedding was a blast: the ceremony was beautiful and the party un-ending.  (The last meal was served at 1.30 am...)  Lots of dancing and we left at 4am.  The newlyweds are spending a week at a resort on the Red Sea in Egypt!  Lots of excellent snorkeling there. I'll post in some pictures of the wedding below. 

Also, the Monday after the wedding--Aug 20--Hungary had its annual celebration of its founding as a nation. (I kept calling it "Independence Day and Agi will keep explaining that not every country has an Independence Day...) Hungary is 1000 years old!  There were a bunch of fireworks over the Danube and an air show during the day.

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