New Ride and some pictures

A little over a week ago Agi's grandparents moved up from a smaller town in southern Hungary to Budapest.  Agi's grandparents are great people and in great shape (grandma is 80 and grandpa just turned 90!).  He was still driving his car down in their smaller town but it's just not possible and a bad idea to do this in the big city of Budapest.  So, in the meantime, since we don't have a car--and because we have to run a bunch of errands as we set up our new place--we're borrowing his car for a couple months till it's sold or given to someone else.

I actually like the car a lot:  the Daewoo Tico.  It is small but incredibly functional and we've fit a number of pieces of furniture from Ikea in it.  It's pretty "cozy" in the front however and I don't even need to move my heel when I use the clutch--it's all one ankle motion to push the clutch in.  Yes in some ways it feels like a go cart.

Here are some pictures of Agi with the Tico and with her grandparents and our new place. 

Random note:  We went bowling a couple weeks ago and I'm pleased to report my highest score ever (not having bowled in approx 2 years, in fact):  139 pts with four strikes.

Another random note:  Agi's company recently decided to send her to a training seminar in Florida at Disney World this Fall for 3 days and I'll be going too.  Pretty sweet (neither of us have been there before).

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