Wright Brothers

Last week Ivy and I had to study up to take the written driving test to get our drivers licenses for Oregon.  So we went to the DMV early Thursday morning.  Ivy only missed one question while I missed four! (thankfully I passed as well...).  It's kind of weird not having a California ID now--this makes being Oreganders official.

We had quickly left the DMV (breaking all kinds of driving rules of course), picked up our bags at home and caught a plane for North Carolina for our friend Stacey's wedding.  The turbulence was actually pretty bad right as we flew over North Carolina and neither of us were having much fun at that point.  But we were reassured when I pointed out that our plane simply couldn't go down in NC: this was where flying was invented and no doubt the Wright brothers factored in all that turbulence and wind in the area when they created the airplane. 

Stacey's wedding was great and we had a good time seeing the sights and experiencing the South for a couple days too.  We got back earlier today and are fighting off jetlag with our stovetop espresso maker.  I'll be posting in more pictures and updates of the weekend.

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