We explored the very big and beautiful Washington Park on Saturday.  This park is right next to some great walking streets in northwest Portland.  Washington Park has a very peaceful and colorful rose garden, an arboretum with a bunch of exotic trees and great hiking trails, and the best (and most authentic apparently) Japanese garden outside of Japan!

We also walked through the neighborhood surrounding the park and there are some very nice, stately houses which would be great to live in (if you had an extra million dollars).  We discovered the "Portland Heights" neighborhood which is very classy and has amazing views along with $1-2 million dollar homes.  As Ivy saw me gazing longingly at this neighborhood, she tried to help me snap out of it with comments like "do you really want to live in a boring suburb with a bunch of rich people?"  After I said "yes!" she said, "feel free to come up with the money" and this effectively doused the fire.

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