Winter Wonderland

Portland has been covered in snow this past week.  Overall it's been a lot of fun and Agi and I have enjoyed walking around outside and going to the store for food to avoid driving.  I've got chains on the Jetta though and the car has done well when we've needed to use it (still looking forward to getting an AWD Audi however).   Though a couple days ago we got stuck twice briefly in the snow driving over to babysit our nephews.

We took the Max train into downtown on Saturday and braved a big snowstorm but were comfortable and warm because our gore-tex jackets and fleece hats do the job beautifully.  Downtown was gorgeous and there was a festive atmosphere and people were very friendly, talking about how cold it is.

Also, Melissa snow-shoed over to our condo yesterday, amazingly enough--it was pretty funny but we saw others doing the same thing.  We've been running our fireplace a lot and enjoying the cozy feel.  We had our neighbors over last night--a nice couple who we get along with well.

I'll take some more pictures and get these up--we want to remember this beautiful Christmas

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