Our excellent local library--within walking distance--has a great dvd selection.  The librarians have good taste (at least what we like) and we've seen three good movies recently:

- "Osama"  One of the best and most moving films I've ever seen.  Was the first movie made in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban.  It was made by an Afghani director and featured kids who grew up under the oppressive rule of the Taliban.  Agi and I were very moved by how much people suffered--made us want to do something to help.

-- "Two Days in Paris"  Julie Delpy (French woman) has an American boyfriend and they spend two days in Paris.  Agi and I laugh a lot at these "international couple" movies and we both could relate a lot to different and stereotypical "Euro" and "American" behaviors:  how the Euro woman says she still keeps in touch with her 6 ex-boyfriends;  how the American goes to a burger joint to deal with his culture shock;  how the Euro parents live very differently than typical American families (in a flat and spend all their time talking about art).

-- "Good Night and Good Luck"   Very enlightening portryal of how journalist Edward Murrow took on McCarthy in the late fifties.  George Clooney did a great job directing.

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