Here's an update on a few things:

- We're pumped (especially me) to have found the Hungarian version of Netflix:  filmdirekt.hu   An interesting--and mostly understandable--twist on their service is that you have to always have 10 different films selected in your "queue" but THEY get to choose what to send you.  Kind of keeps things exciting for the customer (this is the proper perspective...)

- We've found a condo we're going to buy and are very pleased with it.  It's on the outskirts of Budapest and in a pleasant, green area with lots of trees near some foothills and a lake.  We realized that after looking at a bunch of properties throughout the city--even if many are near a park--that we prefer being out of the hustle and bustle.  A tram conveniently stops right in front of our development which can take us into downtown.  We'll be moving in late June or early July and I'll get some pictures up!

-  I'm actually coming back to California for over a week starting on June 8th and leaving on June 19th.  (Agi will be holding down the fort here).  I'm training my replacement in San Jose for the week and it'll be a great chance to see family and friends.  I'll keep you posted on possible meet-up times.  I'm also starting to put a list together of a few things I want to pick up (e.g. boba tea mixture, which hasn't yet made it out to Hungary).

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