Input vs Output

The "Four Hour Work Week" book continues to pay dividends.  The author, Ferris, points out the importance of "extreme output" rather than extreme input.  After thinking about this some more, and talking with Agi about it too (she's been at expert at output for quite some time), I think I understand what he's getting at.  Ferris points out that life is most satisfying when you're doing something, being something or producing something. So instead of spending most of your free time simply watching t.v. and movies, reading books and magazines and passively receiving information (input), most people would actually get more satisfaction from doing something instead.

Of course, there should be a balance to this, just like everything else.  Just as many people--like myself--would benefit from pumping up productivity and action, there are lots of people who would benefit from more "input" because they rarely read books or magazines, for example, that would expand their horizons.  However, I think Ferris is correct that life is much more enjoyable when it is proactively lived rather than passively received.

I admire people who are lifelong learners and who are focused about putting into practice what they learn.

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