Thanksgiving & Back in Portland

Agi and I have been keeping busy and a few times recently I thought about ditching this blog.  However, I've kept it up for about two years now and so I think I'll try to keep it going mainly as a record to remember what we've been up to.  I am, however, going to try to shorten down my entries.

- Over Thanksgiving, enjoyed meeting Sadie, the new Newfoundland puppy my parents bought;

- Had an exciting time shopping with younger brother Matthew, & Laurel & Agi.  Matthew's favorite color is definitely black currently.

- Saw new Bond movie--was good but not as good as the first "blond Bond" movie.

- Drove up to Portland on Sunday from Sacramento with Mombo & Agi.  Long but scenic.

- Saw Over the Rhine in concert on Monday in Portland with buddies Kalen & Melissa.  Tuesday night we went with sister Melissa and Mark at a funky cool "Living Room Theater" club/movie theater and watched a documentary about the French guy who walked across the WTC towers on a wire; enjoyed a great beer while watching the show, Portland style.

- Last night enjoyed "Arts Night" at our new church and heard several bands, amateur--but quite good--poets, and admired various artists' paintings too.  We love our new church and the friendly, genuine people there.

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