Book update

We've been checking out books on cd from the library. 

We finished Thomas More's Utopia on the drive down to California.  He definitely was ahead of his time and had very intriguing ideas on what would make a perfect society--some were good but others bad in a communist kind of way.

I read Real Food right after Agi did and it's been one of the most influential books I've ever read.  The bottom line: avoid processed, industrial food like the plague and eat whatever else you want as long as it's "real food"  (fruits, vegetables and animals that have actually been eating as their forebears did for millenia--e.g., no cows eating crushed up cows or processed grain).  This type of food tastes much better too.

We also listened to "the God of War" by M. Silver.  It was a very sobering story about a young boy growing up in poverty with a handicapped brother and single mother.  Beautifully written and made excellent points about the importance of caring for those who can't help themselves.

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