Portland Continues to Deliver

On Tuesday, Lovely Agi had the day off (banking holiday) so we tried taking the very efficient clean tram/trolly/train called Max into downtown.  We got on at a stop just five minutes from our house and then in fifteen minutes we were downtown amidst all the action and we didn't have to worry about parking.  We walked around for several hours, got some coffee at the world-class "Stumptown" coffee roasters at the Ace hotel and also checked out a beautiful copper-hammered statue on a prominent building downtown, called "Portlandia."  The Statue of Liberty was made using the same technique, which makes sense because "Portlandia" also looks like a statue that a disaster movie would feature being knocked down by some kind of Godzilla creature.

Agi and I love walking in the woods but we also love walking through cities and we've been able to visit a number of great cities in the world.  This also allows us to appreciate how good we have it in our new adopted city.  As we walked around the classy but non-pretentious buildings and enjoyed the friendly people we interacted with, we decided that Portland is one of the greatest places in the world.  Agi and I have a list of our favorite places and here is how we rank our favorite cities: 1. Edinburgh, 2. Paris, 3. Portland (yes, really) 4. Prague  5. Salzburg. 6. New York  7. San Francisco.   What I've found is that Portland reminds me very much of Copenhagen in climate, friendly, artsy people and level of activity among its residents (high).

On Tuesday we wandered into the huge and beautiful Multnomah County library (it's just like a mammoth museum) and I checked out a google adwords book.  We walked by the huge statue of Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln again and this inspired me to read biographies of these great guys.  A good day.

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