Criticism, Praise and the Travel Doctrine

I've seen recently that if you're in leadership in a business, church or non-profit capacity (basically in any kind of leadership role) the likelihood of receiving both intense criticism and heartfelt praise increase dramatically.  You experience more intensely negative and positive feedback from others and have to be skeptical of both.  (Note: I'm speaking mostly as an observer of politics, church and business but have experienced more of this recently with my own business).  But that's why, again, I'm a fan of Obama's character--his poise and and even temperament are a huge asset for anyone, but especially for a president.

One other thing: when Kim and Brook were visiting last weekend we came up with the Travel Doctrine:  it's that basically all travel involves 20% unsatisfying inconveniences that make you wonder if it's worth it; but then 30-40% of your time involves amazing, unprecedented experiences that causes you to think, "I can't believe I haven't done this before or been here before."  The remaining percentages of the Travel Doctrine still need to be worked out...

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