A couple nights ago I watched the debate among the contenders for the Republican nomination.  I followed the whole thing very closely and realized again that I do like public policy and politics a lot (international political "science" major in college).  I started thinking to myself that if life were a lot longer than it is--or if I had the chance to pursue several careers--I could see myself wanting to mix it up in the political world in some way.  There are a lot of distasteful elements to politics (just like in the business world or anywhere really) but I think it was Churchill who summed up things well when he said that: a democracy is the worst form of government-- except for all the others that have been tried...

By the way, my favorite candidates right now are Barack Obama and John McCain.  In the Republican debate I saw I found Romney and Giuliani to be inauthentic and it seemed like they were struggling to be all things to all conservatives.  McCain, on the other hand, was straightforward, principled and full of character.  I like Barack because I'm impressed by the way he approaches issues thoughtfully, is very charismatic in a professorial kind of way and he's young and energetic.

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