I like Obama

This past Saturday, Ivy and I watched the back-to-back Republican and Democratic debates.  (A perfect way to spend my birthday!...)  It's an exciting time in US politics and overall we think that most of the candidates running on both sides are quality and very competent people.  My favorite continues to be Barack Obama because I simply think he has the talent, brains, charisma and integrity to lead America very well.  I also like the fact that he is black and has an Islamic middle name primarily for the symbolic value of this around the world.  The American president truly is a symbolic figure and I am already anticipating the significant ways he could make tangible diplomatic progress on a host of issues.

Here's a great quote from a CNN opinion piece I just read:  "But there is something else going on here. Obama is the first candidate of his generation truly to be an agent of change who inspires, motivates and ignites the passion in a large segment of Americans who had ignored politics because it was unseemly and didn't move people to action."

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