Budapest & Analogy

We're back in Budapest.  We had a smooth flight in on British Airways and I enjoyed four back-to-back films on the initial leg to London.  I never can sleep on the plane but don't mind when there's lots of movies and reading to be enjoyed.

It was nice to have a place of our own here to arrive at and there's lots of snow on the ground.  We're going to get out this afternoon and take the tram into downtown to run some errands and enjoy the city with its winter theme.

Here's an analogy I came up with recently--the similarities between Facebook Friends and books on your shelf: there's a certain amount of satisfaction you get when you buy a book you want to read, just as there is when you and someone else become "friends" on Facebook.  And you get a bit of comfort seeing a list of friends just as you might when you look at those books on your shelf.  But the (rather obvious) key is actually talking with, and meeting up with these friends, just as it is to actually read the books.

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