Fun with Friends

We've had an awesome time this past week with two good friends visiting from Michigan.  I lived with Barry for a year in Budapest back when we were both teaching with ESI (the program that sent us overseas) in 1999-2000.  We got along very well and spent most of our time cracking jokes with his then-girlfriend (and now wife) Laurie who was also a teacher that year.  Strangely enough, the "cottage" that Barry and I lived in was actually a converted toolshed (that did contain tools and a lawnmower at one point) but was very cozy and quaint for us.  Of course, we called it "The Toolshed" and this made us feel quite rugged for living there.

I hadn't seen Barry and Laurie for 7 years but it was fantastic ("fantastikoosh" is the Hungarian way to say it) to reminisce and have lots of fun again walking all over the city.  Their Hungarian is still very good and Agi and I were both impressed as they ordered their food and skillfully used their vocab.

Here are a few pictures of the visit and Barry has promised to send more to me (which they took) which may make their way here online.

Having guests like them makes us want to open a bed and breakfast.  They probably did more cleaning than we did this week and they also were good sports about listening to my twice-daily updates about how many accounts were created on  They also gave us good input on whether to sell or keep our place and new plan is to hold on to it for a while and make it work having two quality places to live at in the U.S. and Hungary.

Thanks for coming and we'll genuinely miss having you around!

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