Last week a member of my extended family passed away.  Bridget was 35, exacty a month younger than me, and she was my brother in law's sister in law.  We were looking forward to getting to know her better and we moved into our place in Portland almost exactly the same time she was diagnosed with stage IV terminal cancer.  Unbelievably, this all happened in less than four months.  She was able to give birth to her baby early and her little preemie Chloe is doing well despite all the circumstances stacked against her.

Agi and I have been thinking and praying for their family every day and seeing this all unfold before us has been one of the most dramatic and impactful events of our lives.  We've been changed by what we experienced from afar and have the utmost respect for how Bridget and her husband Steve dealt with the trauma and tragedy.  Bridget touched many, many people in her life and how she and Steve handled their final days together was a beautiful portrait of unconditional love, tenacity, faith and sorrow.  We love them and are very sorry.

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ImpactErick Widman