Apple & First Date

Several weeks ago Agi and I agreed it's a good idea to give up my crash-prone Dell PC and get a Mac laptop.  This weekend, the Dell--no doubt feeling betrayed--took its revenge and died completely, only displaying the "blue screen of death" when I turned it on.  Most likely, a tech support company here in Budapest will have it fixed by tomorrow but it's possible that we'll have to wipe my harddrive completely clean.  Fortunately, I use a back-up service called carbonite so that all our pictures, music and other files can be downloaded again no problem.

The main source of the problem with PCs I believe is that certain types of software just aren't that compatible with each other and so "data corruption" results.  In any event, Agi and I like Macs a lot and we'll be contacting a friend or two who works at Apple to see who'll be nice enough to get us a 15% discount.

Also, this past weekend, Agi and went back to the tea cafe in downtown Budapest where we had our very first date just over eight years ago.  We sat at the same exact table and took a couple pictures.  I'll probably add a few in here soon.

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