Yosemite in the winter is one of the best places in the world that Ivy and I have seen-- we love it!  That's why we went there again--the second year in a row--for the President's Day three day weekend.  We stayed at the Cedar Lodge about 10 miles south of the western entrance in the tiny town of El Portal.

On Saturday we snow-shoed out to Dewey Point up at Badger Pass-- a spectacular view there (I'll attach a picture).  On Sunday we did cross country skiing and it was snowing that day and gorgeous.  On Sunday Badger Pass was closed due to a traffic accident so we walked around the Valley and checked out Yosemite Falls, walked past the spot where John Muir (first President and Founding Father of the Sierra Club) lived for two years near the falls, and stopped by the lovely, stately and scenic Ahwanee Hotel.  We've decided we'll spend an evening there for our 10 year anniversary if possible.  We'll start saving now because we learned it's $394 a night, year-round, and you have to make reservations a year in advance.  There are also some beautiful Ahwanee-owned and operated cabins right outside the hotel that we'll try to stay in.


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