Why Being a Billionaire Isn't That Big of a Deal

Our culture worships money and idolizes those who make a lot of it. I too have fantasized more than I want to admit about how my lifestyle could change with unlimited cash. But if you stop and actually, truly think about the things that money cannot buy, you realize that chasing money is actually a bad investment of your life. For some reinforcement or proof, ask yourself a few simple questions. "How much money would I be willing to accept" in exchange for:

(i) Never visiting another country?

(ii) Never reading another book?

(iii) Never seeing another movie?

(iv) Never playing sports again?

(v) Giving up my sight or hearing?

(vi) Never seeing my closest friends again?

(vii) Losing my significant other?

I wouldn't take a billion dollars for any of these and I suspect you wouldn't either.

GrowthErick Widman