Where We Met In Budapest

Two months ago when we were back in Hungary Agi and I drove out to the spot where we met for the first time.  To set the scene, about nine and a half years ago--in December of 1999--I was teaching at the Budapest College of Economics for a year.  This was a great opportunity and the entire year was a very rich one in nearly every regard that matters: spiritual growth, serving others, experiencing a different culture and falling for a foxy girl. 

One day, as I was leaving the building, I held the door open for a young lady behind me and she said "thanks" in English.  I was kind of puzzled because I thought I didn't stand out too much as a non-Hungarian and most people didn't speak to me in English.  So after about walking for ten seconds of silence, I said, "OK so how did you know I'm not Hungarian" and our lives would never be the same...

Here are some pictures from the college.  It was great being back there.