When you think your life is difficult...

We've had a lot of fun the past few days with Rebecca G, a good friend and visitor from northern California.  A few nights ago we all watched a very funny and interesting South African movie on my laptop about African desert animals called (somewhat strangely) "Animals are Beautiful People."  It had amazing footage and fascinating info on all kinds of animals (just like the National Geographic specials) but what stood out for me was the glimpse they gave into the lives of some African bushmen and their families.  Unbelievable.

For starters, these guys live in an incredibly hot and inhospitable place and it's difficult to find water on a regular basis.  They often dig up plant roots and gourds and then squeeze out just a few drops of water.  The "elders" were probably in their forties but they looked like they were in their seventies because of spending every day out in the blazing sun.  Since they don't carry food around with them as they travel, they eat what they kill all at once.  To do this, their stomachs have to expand immensely and so the skin around their stomachs has a bunch of folds to it from all the expanding and contracting.

But the most incredible part was seeing how they all slept.  Since laying your head down on the ground is dangerous because all kinds of nasty bugs and scorpions try to borrow into your ear, everyone actually sleeps propped up on one elbow!!  They had footage of this and everyone--both young and old--were all leaning on one of their elbows with their heads hanging straight back.  It did not look comfortable.

It's too bad that life can often seem easier and more pleasurable when you're aware of how bad other people have it, but I guess that's how humans often operate.  Yep, Agi and I are glad we're not African Bushpeople.

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