A few days ago as I was leaving the "Sportmax" facility here in Budapest after a workout, I saw there was an athletic competition of some kind going on between men from various nations who were in wheelchairs.  There were at least 100 guys wheeling around and I saw jerseys that said "Italia" and "Croatia" on some of their backs.

As I was walking down the stairs, I briefly made eye contact with one of the competitors and I guessed what he could have been thinking: "I wish I could walk down those stairs."  I felt a burst of compassion for him, in part because I had to deal with some knee pain for a couple years that thankfully has essentially gone away now.  But I could relate perhaps to one-millionth of what this guy was feeling because I also had longed to be able to walk down stairs without pain or run whenever I wanted to.  There are so many people with big issues they have to deal with--medical and otherwise.  I'm impressed that these guys were athletic competitors, despite the obstacles.

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