What we're up to

We've spent the last week with my parents at their place near Sacramento.  We're packing up a bunch of things we've stored at their house this past year and are going to be loading up a Uhaul truck tomorrow.  On Monday we drive up to Portland and are really looking forward to seeing my sister, brother in law and their kids and setting up our condo.  We've found a number of great furniture items on Craiglist and will really be set without spending much money at all.

I saw the very fun and well-done Iron Man movie last night with my younger brother Matthew.  Ivy and I rented and watched "The Kingdom" a few nights ago via itunes and liked this a lot too.  (It's about an FBI investigation of a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia.  Good, thought-provoking message--especially at the end after all the action.)  Ivy and I really love movies.

Over the next two months I have the honor of being in two weddings for good friends Jesse and Stacey.  (Strangely enough, both of these guys have unisex names...)   Jesse's wedding is in the San Francisco Bay Area and Stacey's is in North Carolina.

Pacific Northwest here we come. 

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