Agi and I were on the priority list at our doctor's office and got the call today to come in and get vaccinated. The nurse who gave me the shot seemed pretty sick and beat up actually and said she "probably had the swine flu a few weeks ago." Our nurses and doctors just got their H1N1 shots today too in fact. Very nice of them to bring us in on the action.

Most importantly, we're very thankful our boy has been so healthy and he'll be 4 months next week. On a walk with him the other day using the "bjorn borg" carrier it was crystal clear to me that if I had to press a button to die 100 trillion deaths for him I'd do it immediately. I suspect I'll never have to push such a button. But I've realized that I'll probably have 100 trillion opportunities (I hope!) made up of moments of every day for years and years that call for sacrifice and inconvenience for our little guy. This will be hard but good.

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