Here's a general update on what Lovely Agi and I have been up to:

- Hungarian class continues every morning for me and I thankfully have learned a lot.  Sadly, however, I no longer dominate in the classroom (haha) and my Chinese classmate has decisively pulled ahead in terms of vocab knowledge and sentence formation.  I found out recently part of the reason why he's so motivated:  this next fall he's planning on taking a Hungarian citizenship exam and he has to be proficient in the language by then.  His whole immediate family (parents and younger sister) are in Hungary and once he becomes a Hungarian citizen the whole EU opens up to him and his family in fact as well.

- The past two weekends have been filled up with visiting family and friends:  Two Saturdays ago was Uncle Lajos' 60th birthday party (where his wife rented out a classy bowling alley and bar and I scored another personal best: 143.  By the way, my Dad bowled over 200 when we went out as a family over Christmas.  It sounds like we're a family of bowling fanatics, doesn't it?)   On Friday night we had a great time meeting up with good friend Gabi and having crepes and discussing all kinds of things.  This past Sunday, Agi had a bunch of her good childhood friends over and we enjoyed showing them our new flat here.

- I'm almost done with Shogun and am really eating it up. Hai!

- I love that Obama made a big comeback and crushed Clinton in South Carolina.  The man is principled, intelligent, and would be a great representative of our country.  Go ahead and call me an Obamaniac.

- We've looking into some weekend getaways to some cool nearby locations:  Prague and Salzburg are probably on the top of our list, followed by Berlin and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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