Unstoppable at Age 77

I've been a regular listener of audiobooks for over a decade. However, I've only recently gotten into podcasts and have discovered there are astonishingly good resources out there. Thanks to fellow immigration lawyer Jacob Sapochnick and his Enchanting Lawyer podcast, I've been introduced to dozens of inspiring entrepreneurs and authors. Tonight I was listening to his interview with Michael Gerber, the author of the E-Myth, and I was instantly inspired by the man. What struck me the most was his intensity and passion for life -- at 77 years old his enthusiasm was more infectious than most people half his age. You could tell he was excited about his work and eager to help others understand the ideas that are firing him up.

Listening to him was clear evidence that you don't have to gradually flicker out over time. Why not instead increase your velocity every day, every month, every year? The key, I suspect, is to point yourself in the right direction, actively pursue the work and ideas you care most about, and accelerate over the years.

GrowthErick Widman