Two types of people

It’s pretty interesting that you can divide this world into two basic groups:  those that like to write or blog and those that don’t.  My lovely wife has really no interest at all in writing a journal or blog and yet I really enjoy doing it.  In contrast to me, she takes great satisfaction from working on and completing projects—for example, she just finished another three! online classes (php, javascript and xml) and got A’s in them all!  She also likes to cook and bake and do some artsy-crafty projects from time to time.  While she has enjoyed putting puzzles together in the past, I don’t think I’ve ever done a single one.

For those of us who are writer and journaller-types, we find value in writing thoughts down even if others don’t read them at all.  There’s something very important about slowing down time and capturing thoughts, memories and impressions that will soon be gone.  (What happened back in 2004?  Many are really not so sure.)

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