Toddler in house

Our oldest boy will be two next month.  Here's a few things I'd like to remember: - He loves lawn mowers but hates getting his hair cut.  So after he started crying when we pulled out the scissors a few days ago, we told him we'd pull out the "hair lawn mower" (electric clipper) and he loved the entire haircut.

- After dinner we've been having dance parties to the "toddler" station on pandora.  Surprisingly good music for the entire famiy.

- Been very encouraged at how quickly he is learning both Hungarian and English and can switch seamlessly.  We think this is very good for his brain development and recent articles (NY times and others) have been describing how helpful it is for kids to be bilingual at the youngest age possible.  In fact, I was happy to realize today that the smartest kids at my fairly elite high school in Silicon Valley were nearly all bilingual: speaking Japanese, Farsi, and Chinese at home.