They know everything about you

I've set up "google alerts" so that I get an email whenever google find a new mention of things like MindZinger, Essay Institute or my name.  It's a great way to keep tabs on what is going on out there in cyberspace.

I got a google alert today regarding my name and a new "people search" site called "pipl".  When my name was entered into this website, it pulled up all kinds of information I wasn't pleased about being accessible to everyone--especially my US address over the past 5 years!

Interestingly enough, this blog didn't show up on "pipl" because I make a point of never listing my first and last name together.  I also try to only use the first names of friends when I write here for "privacy's" sake.

On an unrelated topic, tonight Agi and I had a very interesting experience visiting Budapest's biggest mosque.  Agi's cousin has embraced Islam (as she put it) and she invited us over to meet her friends and celebrate a Ramadan dinner. Excellent food!  Stimulated by our experience, Agi and I discussed all kinds of related interesting cultural and religious topics on the tram ride home.  The mosque reminded us a lot of our trip to Egypt two years ago.  Ciao.

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