The Diving Bell & the Butterfly

We borrowed this movie from my sister and brother in law yesterday and were very moved by it.  In fact, it is officially one of my favorite movies of all time.  "The Diving Bell & the Butterfly" is a true story about a hot-shot French editor of the magazine Elle who is living fast and loose until he has a catastrophic seizure at age 42.  He is completely paralyzed except in one of his eyes.  After dealing with his anger and self-pity (which he can't really express), he agrees to let one of the compassionate nurses at his hospital help him communicate.  By blinking his eye to signify a particular letter he's able to slowly talk to others. 

He also decides to write a book--all by the excruciatingly slow process of blinking his eye for each letter of each word.  Despite his horrendous condition, he doesn't give up, and this is very profound.  I don't think I've ever seen a better portrayal of the reality of the human soul. The movie is incredibly well-filmed and acted and has a very inspiring message.  I'd like to read his actual book someday soon.

(Note: I was also proud to learn that the director was an American--even though the film is in French with French actors.  He was awarded "Best Director" at Cannes in 2007).

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