My wife has so many qualities I appreciate about her.  Most recently, I've been extremely impressed at her tenaciousness as applied to solving IT-related problems.  Supposedly, setting up a wireless router should be a straightforward process.  My approach (each time we've tried to set one up) is to pull out the directions and diligently follow each step.  This--for whatever reason--never works and there's always an error of some kind.  Also, if you call up tech support, all they really do is have you restart you computer and "ping" various things.  And you can hardly ever get through.

So to the great credit of my hard-working, tenacious, talented and persevering wife, she attacked the router problem last night and didn't give in till she set up a wireless home network for her mom down here in Szekszard where we're visiting for about four days.  She continues to impress me every day and this makes me a lucky man.

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