Skype and Spike

Skype is working quite well for us and I had a good skype video-cam phone call with my parents yesterday.  My mom had a funny comment when we were wrapping things up:  "You know, it was really nice seeing your head."  I know she was sincere too; but it's probably a good idea to get one of those wide-angle web cams if you have the option for a little variety in what others see.

Another topic:  Agi's been helping me experiment with some euro-style hair-spiking and last night when we went to a "buli" (party) for her friend's 30th birthday, I went with the spiked look.  Not bad (no pictures, though, sorry).  This morning when we were preparing to leave for church, I was spiking the front up again, and Agi helpfully told me to tone it down a bit and just go with a simple "church spike" as she put it, rather than the "buli-spike"...

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