Real Food & Waffle Party

Agi just finished a remarkable book that already having a big impact on us:  "Real Food" by Nina Planck.  The author gives compelling reasons why eating processed, industrial food is literally killing modern people.  I just started reading it too and her thesis is simple: nearly all manufactured, processed food is created in a way that is bad for us and we should simply avoid it (e.g., cereal in colorful boxes and many other foods we've come to view as normal).  Instead, we can and should eat simple, natural, unprocessed food (without lots of the extra unnecessary ingredients) and eat essentially whatever we want of this "real food."  Thus, avoid "nonfat" yogurt and eat regular, "fatty" yogurt, chicken and its skin, bacon or any "non-processed" foods and lots of fruits and vegetables.  I'll write about this again when I learn more.

On Saturday Agi made up a huge batch of waffles, I made espresso with our stovetop maker and we served up a brunch to friends Brook and Kim who visited us this weekend along with my lovely sister Laurel, our friends Kalen and Melissa and my sister Melissa and her husband Mark and their kids.  It was lots of fun packing our condo out with visitors.  I like our fake gas fireplace and I fired that up for an extra-cozy feel as it rained outside.

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